We Live in a Trig Function (A Manifesto) – Ben Hertzog

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations” – Nikola Tesla

Famous physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla revolutionized the field of electrical engineering with his invention of the AC motor. The Serbian-American had a rough come-up. He was a great mind that was used and abused by the system early in his life on many occasions. This man took the negatives in his life and used them to stay hungry. The man metaphorically looked Thomas Edison, a well-respected and still more famous engineer, right in the face and said “Fuck with me”.

In differential calculus, trigonometric functions are probably the most feared by students due to their incredible complexity. No one understands them—no one questions them. The most annoying part of working with trig functions is that, because of their cyclic nature, their derivatives and antiderivatives alternate between two other trig functions. They’re actually terrible and everyone hates them. More importantly, they relate to life. The only way to get a definite answer for such problems is to define a boundary. To select a section of the full derivative and say, “this is what we care about, this is all we care about, and everything else is horse shit”. In life, there will be people who define your boundaries to squeeze something out of you. They will tell you how to live your life the way they want you to. It is much easier to derive in a loop than to derive your way off a damn cliff. Why? Why define a section when there is infinite potential to do good, be happy, and be a contributing member of a complex society?

There was a series of books I read when I was a child called The Edge Chronicles. I loved these books, and I got one every year for Christmas. The whole premise of the series is that a there there is a society that lives just North to the edge of a giant cliff, so big that no one knows if it ever ends. To the North of the city is a seemingly never-ending forest—no one has seen or heard whats at the end of that, either. These characters just operate within the bounds of this plane, until a kid named Twig flies a damn air-ship right off the map. I never finished the series; I have no idea what happens, which is fine. No one ever does until they get there. Tesla and Twig present a different breed that we all should evolve to. Most of us will never dream about acquiring the mental prowess or bad-assery possessed by Tesla and Twig because we are all are pushed to fit a mold. We are told to stay in our place, given a generic “identity” and shunned when questions are asked. We are all stuck in a sinusoidal life-curve that propagates through life in uninteresting fashion.

I believe in a new world order. It is our job as a collective generation to provide the means to escape the traditional structure of society and bring forth a new Renaissance. As a whole, framework must be put in place to allow for future generations to create world where sensual, natural, and cognitive awakening is standard and individual value is held paramount. Now is the time to break the shackles of “efficiency” and provide a beautiful new perspective on the unique and awesome components that make up this gift of life. It is time to create a world where fairness does not equate to loss of individuality, where creativity does not yield to productivity, and each person strives for the fullest life.

Live outside the amplitudes. Welcome to our boys in Thisted.

Written by Ben Hertzog.